Residential Services

Providing Residential Services is both challenging and very rewarding. Below is a summary of the type of services. Group homes for adults are situated in various locations in Co. Longford. These group homes provide either a five or seven day residential services. The houses aim to provide each person living there with a home from home, living alongside friends and supported by staff.

Staffing levels depend on the needs of the group. Each home is an ordinary house in the community. The ethos is having a home within the community where people have a fulfilling lifestyle. Each person is encouraged to partake in local activities of a recreational and social nature. Family members and friends are always welcome to visit. Home Supports, this is a relatively new service that we began providing three years ago.

Its main aim again is in supporting and enabling our service users to develop more / recreational skills and partake in various social outings outside of the family home (while giving families that deserved support.)

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