Programmes - Recreation Programme

The Recreation Programme was established on a part time basis in 1975 and progressed to full time in 1997 to allow all service users to experience the joy of physical education and satisfaction of achievement while developing skills and positive healthy attitudes that enhance self-esteem. The Recreation programme includes a wide range of sports - swimming, cycling, and tennis to name but a few. Service users attend the pool on a weekly basis throughout the entire year with swimming sessions structured according to individual needs.

The Centre provides a variety of special bikes, go-karts and a hand propelled bike suitable for wheelchair users together with regular two wheel bikes. The Mall Complex provides the venue for uni-hoc and soccer while walking and cycling is enjoyed around its extensive pathways. Weekends in different outdoor pursuit centres develop skills in adventure sports as well as the experience of sleeping and socialising away from home.

There is an annual Sports Day and Summer Camp at the Centre.

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