Why Volunteer?


Volunteering Builds your Confidence:
Volunteers can encounter new challenges when they start to volunteer for a new group. Sharing these, challenges, as well as new experiences with new people, volunteers can better equip themselves to face challenges in other areas of their lives.

Making New Friends:
By joining the project you will meet like minded people, which is a great foundation to build friendships. Having a common interest is a good starting bond to build a lasting relationship even after you leave. Plus it's a great opportunity to meet a different group of people you might not have any dealings with in your daily routines.

Create more fun in your life:
Many volunteers don't realise the amount of fun you can have when you're helping others. Leisure Buddies matches couples on shared interests and hobbies so you have a good chance of having fun while giving your spare time.

Improve your Well Being:
According to "The healing power of doing good" there is medical and scientific documentation supporting the health benefits of volunteering such as; a heightened sense of well-being, an improvement in insomnia, a stronger immune system and a speedier recovery from surgery.

Boost your Career Options:
Volunteering can change your perspective and lead you down a different career path. Volunteering can also bring you into contact with all kinds of people from different walks of life which can create networking opportunities. A good network can help you take big steps in the direction of your ideal career.
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