Rights of Volunteers

Responsibilities & Expectations of a Leisure Buddies Volunteer:

- Volunteers must be open & honest in all dealings of the project.

- Respect dignity & privacy of everyone involved

- Maintain Confidentiality at all times especially regards their buddies specific needs

- Volunteers need to ensure they feel comfortable & familiar with their buddy before going out alone

- Volunteers need to be able to assess & decide the appropriateness of attending an outing for both them & their buddy (risk managing)

- Responsible for the safety & wellbeing of your buddy, yourself & other group members. The volunteer has a duty of care to their buddy & must protect themselves & their buddy at all times

- Must cooperate & follow all guidelines & procedures outlined by the project, especially Health & Safety guidelines & emergency procedures, as outlined in induction.

- Volunteers must follow reporting procedures- for outings, incidents & concerns, as outlined in induction

- Responsible for organising outings, contacting their buddies, families & staff. They are responsible for maintaining their monthly commitment.

Rights of a Leisure Buddies Volunteer:

- Volunteers have a right to be supported on have any problems or issues they are experiencing & have them resolved.

- Right to support, encouragement & advice from the coordinator

- Right to information about you buddies needs

- To feel appreciated & recognised as an important part of project
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