Some Do's & Don'ts for Volunteers?

Do think about why you want to do voluntary work. It will help you decide on the right project for you.

Don't start any voluntary work until you know exactly what is expected of you.

Do ask about the project & what your role will be within it.

Don't over commit yourself. Offer only as much time as you now you are able to give regularly.

Reliability is vital.

Do make sure you know to whom you are responsible & to whom you can go for help and support.

Don't just not turn up if you are fed up, have problems or feel you are being taken advantage of. Discuss it with your coordinator or project management team

Do stick to any arrangements you have made. If you cannot, inform your coordinator and the person you are supporting

Don't betray any confidences that you may be entrusted with by people you come in contact with in your voluntary work.

Do attend any training or support meetings arranged for Volunteers. They are ideal opportunities to share your experiences, both positive and negative.

Don’t carry out any work if it is against your wishes or principles. Discuss the situation with your Supervisor or the Coordinator.

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