Leisure Buddies

Leisure is a very important & valued part of everyone’s life including those with a disability. However in order to participate in leisure activities people with intellectual disabilities usually need supports.

The Leisure Buddies Project was established in March 1999 to provide opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities who attended St Christopher’s services to access leisure activities outside of their service & home environments.

Leisure Buddies aims to support service users to access social activities by enabling them to form a friendship with a peer from their local community with whom they have something in common. Volunteers & Buddies are matched based on their similarities in age, interests, hobbies & geographical location.

The matched friends met up socially at least once a month. Volunteers & Buddies are supported by the coordinator until they are both happy & confident in each others company.
Social activities vary & depend on the shared interested of the matched buddies. Activities can include going for a walk, a chat over a cup of tea, going to the pub, the cinema or lots more.

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